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Hello my name is William and I decided to put together a collection of Machin stamps for Elizabeth II when I realised just how many different types there are. At first I thought these stamps were a bit mondain but the sheer variety and diffrence available in this long established design makes this series a very important area in Philately. As well as a guide to the Machin stamps i will also compile a section on post marks and various messages incorperated into the postmark, these will include state sponsored messages, advertising copy and seasons greetings. One last area for the time being will be an introduction to thematics, exploring the endless possibilities that collecting by theme has to offer. Thematic collecting can offer an affordable entry to the world of stamp collecting providing a quick to compile collection which can be added to for years to come.

1st Red Elizabeth II Stamp
Elizabeth II Machin
Postmarks of Interest
Introduction to Thematics
Interesting Facts About Postal History
Glossary of Terms

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